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Chair of Department for Modelling and Intelligent Systems.

Head of Center for Wildfire Reserach.

Full member of  Croatian Academy of Engineering Department of Systems and Cybernetics.

Date of birth: April 8th, 1955.

Degree Institution Date
B.S.E.E. University of Zagreb 1977.
M.S.E.E. University of Zagreb 1980.
Ph.D. University of Zagreb 1987.

Professional Experience
Industrial and research
Electrotechnical Institute of electrotechnical firm "R.Končar" , Zagreb 1977-1980.


Scientific Assistant
FESB University of Split 1981-1987
Assistant Professor
FESB University of Split 1987-1992
Associated Professor
FESB University of Split 1992-1997
Full Professor
FESB University of Split 1997-2002
Senior Full Professor FESB University of Split 2002

- Chair of Department of Electronics 1993.-1997 (more than 40 empoyers - 11 PhD)
- Head of Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Systems 1991-2002. (and its founder)
- Chair of Department for Modelling and Intelligent Computer Systems 2002 - today
- Head of Center for Wildfire Research 2010 - today


1979-1980. Graduate Honorary Assistant University of Zagreb. Provided laboratory courses on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

1981-1987. Scientific Assistant FESB University of Split.
Provided laboratory exercises and teaching undergraduate students to solve practical problems in elementary courses on automatic control: "Analysis and Synthesis of Linear Control Systems" "Automatic Control for Mechanical Engineers" and "Analogue and Hybrid Computers".

1987-1992. Assistant Professor FESB University of Split.
Teaching undergraduate courses in "Analysis and Synthesis of Linear Control Systems" "Process Control", "Discrete Automatic Control", "Automated Control of Vehicles" and "Optimisation and Operational Research" and postgraduate courses in "Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems", "Intelligent Control" and "Digital Image Processing and Analysis".

1992-1997.Associated Professor FESB University of Split .
The same courses as above.

1997- 2002. Full Professor FESB University of Split .
See details in detail list of reference (in Croatian).

2002-today Senior Full Professor FESB University of Split .


1977-1979. Researcher Electrotechnical Institute "R.Končar" Zagreb. Development and construction of the line filters for the suppression of high frequency and radio frequency interferences in power electronic devices. Measurement of HF and RF interferences in main lines for devices currents from 16 to 100 A and exceeding 100 A.

1979-1980. Co-principal Researcher Electrotechnical Institute "R.Končar" Zagreb.
Determination of the line voltage distortion caused by the power electronic devices. Development and construction of filters for the suppression of the line voltage distortion.

1981-1986. Chartered Scientific Researcher National Science Foundation of Croatia.
Seven grants and contracts: one in Electromagnetic Compatibility four in Automatic Control of Complex Processes and Objects (Robotics) and two in Application of Automatic Control in Alternative Energy Conversion Systems (Wind energy conversion system).

1987-1991. Chartered Principal Scientific Researcher National Science Foundation of Croatia.
Two grants: One in Automatic Control of Complex Processes which include Application of Fuzzy Set Theory in Automatic Control Measurements and Robotics and one in Alternative Energy Conversion System (Control of Wind Power Systems).

1992-1997 Chartered Scientific Adviser National Science Foundation of Croatia.
Research Two grants: The first one was "Intelligent System for Collecting Analysing and Interpreting Undersea Environment Information"" which had included sensory based control of intelligent remotely operated unmanned submarine for monitoring exploration interpretation and presentation of information about undersea environment. Particular interest was in application of fuzzy set theory and theory of qualitative reasoning for these tasks. The second grant was "Expert System for Planning of Wind Power Systems".

1997-today Chartered Principal Scientific Adviser National Science Foundation of Croatia (scientific field Electrotechnics, branch Control)

2006-today Chartered Principal Scientific Adviser National Science Foundation of Croatia (scientific field Computer Sciences, branch Artificial Intelligence).


Recent research interest includes intelligent control methods and integration of vision sensors in control systems (vision based control). Main researcher and coordinator of one recent grant "Intelligent Control of Complex Systems" which includes 4 researchers with PhD degree, 4 researchers with M.S. degree and 2 postgraduate students. Special interest in digital image processing and analysis. Recently we are working on following projects:

  • 3 D position recognition and control of robot arm using knowledge based image processing and control system
  • Movement recognition based on image processing by fuzzy correlation techniques
  • Simple vision sensor "fuzzy eye" for light source detection and following inspirated by insect compound eye
  • Embeded Network Systems (distant monitoring and control of dislocated systems using Internet infrastructure)
  • Agent based fuzzy contivive maps and their application in qualitative modelling of complex systems
  • Virtual classroom and virtual laboratory
  • Software support for forest fire early detection, fire management and post fire sanation

International Research

1988-1989. Research visitor at Queen Mary College University of London.
British Council postdoctoral fellow doing research in Department for Knowledge Engineering (Prof.E.H.Mamdani) in the field of intelligent knowledge based systems which incorporate shallow knowledge and deep knowledge based on qualitative reasoning sign algebra and fuzzy set theory.

1989-1992. Joint research with Catholic University of Louvain Belgium on project D.E.S.I.R.E.
(Dynamic Expert Systems in Robot Engineering). Responsible for application of self-organising fuzzy control in eye-head-hand co-ordination of intelligent robot systems.

1993-1996. Research Team Leader for firm CHRONOLAB, Zug, Switzerland
responsible for development of CHRONOLAB Color Vision (CCV) - advanced digital image processing and analysis software and CHRONOLAB Hema sophisticated blood smear analysis software, both working in MSWindows environment. Software development was organised in Split in firm CHRONO which is the official representative of firm Chronolab for Croatia. CCV has more than 350.000 of code lines, four software engineers were involved and the beta version was produced in 18 months (http://www.chronolab.com/).

1995-1998. Team Leader for firm MASTERNETS G.m.b.H. Munchen
responsible for development of the first version of on-line used cars selling system on Internet (http://www.mastercar.com/) . Original code writen in C. Three persons were involved, and the whole system was developed in 10 months.

2003-2004. Team Leader for software developement firm CHRONOLAB, Zug, Switzerland responsable for developement of interactive Web pages for projects The Quality of Diagnostic samples (http://www.diagnosticsamples.com) and Point of Care (http://www.diagnosticsample.com/point-of-care)

2000 -
University of Maribor, Technical University of Brno, Technical University of Prag

Joint coolaboration through CEEPUS Networks

Teaching Courses for Graduate Engineers and Scientists

1983- "Electromagnetic Compatibility of Apparatus and Systems" (Suppression of Interferences) Croatian Association for Measurement and Control COREMA Zagreb (in Croatian)

"Recent Trends in Theory and Application of Automatic Control" (Fuzzy Control) Interdisciplinary School: Science Technology and Society" Motovun (in Croatian)

"Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems" School for graduate engineers Sarajevo (in Croatian) and "Qualitative Modelling of Ecological Systems", UNIDO International Postgraduate Study in Fishery Science, Split (in English)

"Fuzzy Set Theory Applications in Robotics" and "Qualitative Analysis of Complex Systems" seminars at Catholique University de Louvain, Belgique (in English)

"Introduction to Digital Image Processing and Analysis" seminar at Clinical Hospital Ljubljana Slovenia (in English)

"Application of Digital Image processing and Analysis in Medicine" seminar in Clinical Hospital at Cairo University, Egypt (in English)

Publications and Presentation

M.S.E.E.Thesis "The Analysis of Possibility to Predict the Level of the Achieved Electromagnetic Compatibility" University of Zagreb 1980.
Ph.D.Thesis "Fuzzy Invariant control of Complex Processes" University of Zagreb 1987.

Free time

- Outdoor activities, primarly sailing (sailing boat UFO 27) >> photo
- Technical editor and jurnalist of Web magazine about sea and sailing (in Croatian) www.morsko-prase.hr >> 271 published articles (in Croatian)
- Zenyoga
- Youth exchenge officer of Rotary club Split (1995 -2005) and coordinator of youth exchange activities for Croatia (2005 - 2006)

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