Scilab Function

file - file management

Calling Sequence

[unit [,err]]=file('open', file-name [,status] [,access [,recl]] [,format])
[units [,typ [,nams [,mod [,swap]]]]] = file([unit])



selects a logical unit unit and manages the file file-name.

[unit [,err]]=file('open', file-name [,status] [,access [,recl]] [,format]) allows to open a file with specified properties and to get the associated unit number unit. This unit number may be used for further actions on this file or as file descriptor in read, write, readb, writb,save, load function calls.

file(action,unit) allows to close the file , or move the current file pointer .

file() returns the logical unit descriptors of the opened files. So file('close',file() ) closes all user opened files (C or Fortran type).


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