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read - matrices read

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reads row after row the mxn matrix x (n=1 for character chain) in the file file-desc (string or integer). Each row of the matrix x begin in a new line of file-desc file. Depending on format, a given row of the x matrix may be read from more than one line of file-desc file.

The type of the result will depend on the specified format. If format contains only (d,e,f,g) descriptors the function tries to read numerical data (the result is matrix of real numbers).

If format contains only a descriptors the function tries to read character strings (the result is a character string column vector). In this case n must be equal to 1.

Examples for format:


When format is omitted datas are read using numerical free format: blank, comma and slash may be used as data separators, n*v may be use to represent n occurrences of value n.

A direct access file can be used if using the parameter k which is is the vector of record numbers to be read (one record per row), thus m must be m=prod(size(k)).

To read on the keyboard use read(%io(1),...).



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