Scilab Function

mscanf - interface to the C scanf function

mfscanf - interface to the C fscanf function

msscanf - interface to the C sscanf function

Calling Sequence

L=mfscanf([niter,] fd,format)
[n,v_1,...v_n]=mscanf([niter,] format)
L=msscanf([niter,] str,format)



The mfscanf function reads characters from the stream fd.

The mscanf function reads characters from Scilab window.

The msscanf function reads characters from the Scilab string str.

The niter optional argument specifies how many time the format has to used. One iteration produces one line in the output matrix. If niter==-1 the function iterates up to the end of file. The niter default value is 1.


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