Scilab Function

findAC - discrete-time system subspace identification

Calling Sequence




finds the system matrices A and C of a discrete-time system, given the system order and the relevant part of the R factor of the concatenated block-Hankel matrices, using subspace identification techniques (MOESP or N4SID).

  • * [A,C] = findAC(S,N,L,R,METH,TOL,PRINTW) computes the system matrices A and C. The model structure is: x(k+1) = Ax(k) + Bu(k) + Ke(k), k >= 1, y(k) = Cx(k) + Du(k) + e(k), where x(k) and y(k) are vectors of length N and L, respectively.
  • * [A,C,RCND] = findAC(S,N,L,R,METH,TOL,PRINTW) also returns the vector RCND of length 4 containing the condition numbers of the matrices involved in rank decisions.
  • Matrix R, computed by findR, should be determined with suitable arguments METH and JOBD.


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