aff2ab - linear (affine) function to A,b conversion
balanc - matrix or pencil balancing
bdiag - block diagonalization, generalized eigenvectors
chfact - sparse Cholesky factorization
chol - Cholesky factorization
chsolve - sparse Cholesky solver
classmarkov - recurrent and transient classes of Markov matrix
coff - resolvent (cofactor method)
colcomp - column compression, kernel, nullspace
companion - companion matrix
cond - condition number
det - determinant
eigenmarkov - normalized left and right Markov eigenvectors
ereduc - computes matrix column echelon form by qz transformations
exp - element-wise exponential
expm - square matrix exponential
fstair - computes pencil column echelon form by qz transformations
fullrf - full rank factorization
fullrfk - full rank factorization of A^k
genmarkov - generates random markov matrix with recurrent and transient classes
givens - Givens transformation
glever - inverse of matrix pencil
gschur - generalized Schur form (obsolete).
gspec - eigenvalues of matrix pencil (obsolete)
hess - Hessenberg form
householder - Householder orthogonal reflexion matrix
im_inv - inverse image
inv - matrix inverse
kernel - kernel, nullspace
kroneck - Kronecker form of matrix pencil
linsolve - linear equation solver
lsq - linear least square problems.
lu - LU factors of Gaussian elimination
ludel - utility function used with lufact
lufact - sparse lu factorization
luget - extraction of sparse LU factors
lusolve - sparse linear system solver
lyap - Lyapunov equation
nlev - Leverrier's algorithm
orth - orthogonal basis
pbig - eigen-projection
pencan - canonical form of matrix pencil
penlaur - Laurent coefficients of matrix pencil
pinv - pseudoinverse
polar - polar form
proj - projection
projspec - spectral operators
psmall - spectral projection
qr - QR decomposition
quaskro - quasi-Kronecker form
randpencil - random pencil
range - range (span) of A^k
rank - rank
rankqr - rank revealing QR factorization
rcond - inverse condition number
rowcomp - row compression, range
rowshuff - shuffle algorithm
rref - computes matrix row echelon form by lu transformations
schur - [ordered] Schur decomposition of matrix and pencils
spaninter - subspace intersection
spanplus - sum of subspaces
spantwo - sum and intersection of subspaces
spchol - sparse cholesky factorization
spec - eigenvalues of matrices and pencils
sqroot - W*W' hermitian factorization
sva - singular value approximation
svd - singular value decomposition
sylv - Sylvester equation.
trace - trace