bezout - Bezout equation for polynomials
clean - cleans matrices (round to zero small entries)
cmndred - common denominator form
coeff - coefficients of matrix polynomial
coffg - inverse of polynomial matrix
colcompr - column compression of polynomial matrix
degree - degree of polynomial matrix
denom - denominator
derivat - rational matrix derivative
determ - determinant of polynomial matrix
detr - polynomial determinant
diophant - diophantine (Bezout) equation
factors - numeric real factorization
gcd - gcd calculation
hermit - Hermite form
horner - polynomial/rational evaluation
hrmt - gcd of polynomials
htrianr - triangularization of polynomial matrix
invr - inversion of (rational) matrix
lcm - least common multiple
lcmdiag - least common multiple diagonal factorization
ldiv - polynomial matrix long division
numer - numerator
pdiv - polynomial division
pol2des - polynomial matrix to descriptor form
pol2str - polynomial to string conversion
polfact - minimal factors
residu - residue
roots - roots of polynomials
routh_t - Routh's table
rowcompr - row compression of polynomial matrix
sfact - discrete time spectral factorization
simp - rational simplification
simp_mode - toggle rational simplification
sylm - Sylvester matrix
systmat - system matrix