Scilab Function

exec - script file execution

Calling Sequence

exec(path [,mode])
exec(fun [,mode])
ierr=exec(path,'errcatch' [,mode])
ierr=exec(fun,'errcatch' [,mode])



exec(path [,mode]) executes sequentialy the scilab instructions contained in the file given by path with an optional execution mode mode .

The different cases for mode are :

0 : the default value

-1 : nothing is printed

1 : echo of each command line

2 : prompt --> is printed

3 : echoes + prompts

4 : stops before each prompt. Execution resumes after a carriage return.

7 : stops + prompts + echoes : useful mode for demos.

exec(fun [,mode]) executes function fun as a script: no input nor output argument nor specific variable environment. This form is more efficient, because script code may be pre-compiled (see getf, comp). This method for script evaluation allows to store scripts as function in libraries.

If an error is encountered while executing, if 'errcatch' flag is present exec issues no error message, aborts execution of the instructions and resumes with ierr equal to the error number. If 'errcatch' flag is not present, standard error handling works.



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