Scilab Function

getf - defining a function from a file

Calling Sequence

getf(file-name [,opt])



loads one or several functions (see functions) defined in the file 'file-name'. The string opt='n' means that the functions are not compiled (pre-interpreted) when loaded. This can be useful for some debugging purpose (see comp). By default, functions are compiled when loaded (i.e. opt='c' is used).

In the file a function must begin by a "syntax definition" line as follows:

function [y1,...,yn]=foo(x1,...,xm)

followed by a sequence of scilab instructions.

The "syntax definition" line gives the "full" calling syntax of this function. The yi are output variables calculated as functions of input variables xi and variables existing in Scilab when the function is executed. Shorter input or output argument list may be used.

Many functions may be written in the same file. A function is terminated by an endfunction keyword. For compatibility with previous versions a function may also be terminated by the following function keyword or the EOF mark.

getf is an old way for loading functions into scilab from a file, If functions in a file are terminated by an endfunction keyword, the file maybe loaded using the exec function instead of getf. In this case default option opt is used.


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