ABSBLK_f - Scicos abs block
AFFICH_f - Scicos numerical display
ANDLOG_f - Scicos logical AND block
ANIMXY_f - Scicos 2D animated visualization block
BIGSOM_f - Scicos addition block
CLINDUMMY_f - Scicos dummy continuous system with state
CLKINV_f - Scicos Super Block event input port
CLKIN_f - Scicos Super Block event input port
CLKOUTV_f - Scicos Super Block event output port
CLKOUT_f - Scicos Super Block event output port
CLKSOMV_f - Scicos event addition block
CLKSOM_f - Scicos event addition block
CLKSPLIT_f - Scicos event split block
CLOCK_f - Scicos periodic event generator
CLR_f - Scicos continuous-time linear system (SISO transfer function)
CLSS_f - Scicos continuous-time linear state-space system
CONST_f - Scicos constant value(s) generator
COSBLK_f - Scicos cosine block
CURV_f - Scicos block, tabulated function of time
DELAYV_f - Scicos time varying delay block
DELAY_f - Scicos delay block
DEMUX_f - Scicos demultiplexer block
DLRADAPT_f - Scicos discrete-time linear adaptive system
DLR_f - Scicos discrete-time linear system (transfer function)
DLSS_f - Scicos discrete-time linear state-space system
EVENTSCOPE_f - Scicos event visualization block
EVTDLY_f - Scicos event delay block
EVTGEN_f - Scicos event firing block
EXPBLK_f - Scicos a^u block
GAINBLK_f - Scicos gain block
GAIN_f - Scicos gain block
GENERAL_f - Scicos general zero crossing detector
GENERIC_f - Scicos generic interfacing function
GENSIN_f - Scicos sinusoid generator
GENSQR_f - Scicos square wave generator
HALT_f - Scicos Stop block
IFTHEL_f - Scicos if then else block
INTEGRAL_f - Scicos simple integrator
INTRP2BLK_f - Scicos 2D linear interpolation block
INTRPLBLK_f - Scicos linear interpolation block
INVBLK_f - Scicos inversion block
IN_f - Scicos Super Block regular input port
LOGBLK_f - Scicos logarithm block
LOOKUP_f - Scicos Lookup table with graphical editor
MAX_f - Scicos max block
MCLOCK_f - Scicos 2 frequency event clock
MFCLCK_f - Scicos basic block for frequency division of event clock
MIN_f - Scicos min block
MUX_f - Scicos multiplexer block
NEGTOPOS_f - Scicos negative to positive detector
OUT_f - Scicos Super Block regular output port
POSTONEG_f - Scicos positive to negative detector
POWBLK_f - Scicos u^a block
PROD_f - Scicos element wise product block
QUANT_f - Scicos Quantization block
RAND_f - Scicos random wave generator
READC_f - Scicos "read from C binary file" block
REGISTER_f - Scicos shift register block
RELAY_f - Scicos relay block
RFILE_f - Scicos "read from file" block
SAMPLEHOLD_f - Scicos Sample and hold block
SAT_f - Scicos Saturation block
SAWTOOTH_f - Scicos sawtooth wave generator
SCOPE_f - Scicos visualization block
SCOPXY_f - Scicos visualization block
SELECT_f - Scicos selector block
SINBLK_f - Scicos sine block
SOM_f - Scicos addition block
SPLIT_f - Scicos regular split block
STOP_f - Scicos Stop block
SUPER_f - Scicos Super block
TANBLK_f - Scicos tan block
TCLSS_f - Scicos jump continuous-time linear state-space system
TEXT_f - Scicos text drawing block
TIME_f - Scicos time generator
TRASH_f - Scicos Trash block
WFILE_f - Scicos "write to file" block
WRITEC_f - Scicos "write to C binary file" block
ZCROSS_f - Scicos zero crossing detector
check_io - Checks and sets Scicos block port numbers.
curblock - get current block index in a Scicos simulation function
duplicate - duplicates vector entries
getblocklabel - get label of a Scicos block at running time
getcurblock - get Scicos current block number while running
getscicosvars - get Scicos data structure while running
icon_edit - simple interactive graphic block icon editor
lincos - linearizes a system described by a scicos diagram
scicos - Block diagram editor and GUI for the hybrid simulator scicosim
scicos_block - Scicos block data structure
scicos_cpr - Scicos compiled diagram data structure
scicos_diagram - Scicos diagram data structure
scicos_graphics - Scicos block graphics data structure
scicos_link - Scicos link data structure
scicos_main - Scicos editor main data structure
scicos_menus - Scicos menus description
scicos_model - Scicos block functionality data structure
scicos_params - Scicos diagram parameters data structure
scicos_sim - Scicos simulation data structure
scicos_state - Initial state data structure of Scicos diagram
scicosim - Scicos simulation function
scifunc_block - Scicos block defined interactively
setscicosvars - set Scicos data structure while running
standard_define - Scicos block initial definition function
standard_draw - Scicos block drawing function
standard_input - get Scicos block input port positions
standard_origin - Scicos block origin function
standard_output - get Scicos block output port positions
steadycos - Finds an equilibrium state of a system described by a scicos diagram