diary - diary of session
disp - displays variables
dispfiles - display opened files properties
file - file management
fileinfo - Provides information about a file
fprintf - Emulator of C language fprintf function
fprintfMat - print a matrix in a file.
fscanf - Converts formatted input read on a file
fscanfMat - Reads a Matrix from a text file.
getio - get Scilab input/output logical units
input - prompt for user input
isdir - checks if argument is a directory path
lines - rows and columns used for display
load - load saved variable
loadmatfile - loads a Matlab 5 MAT-file into Scilab
manedit - editing a manual item
matfile2sci - converts a Matlab 5 MAT-file into a Scilab binary file
mclearerr - reset binary file access errors
mclose - close an opened file
meof - check if end of file has been reached
mfscanf - interface to the C fscanf function
mscanf - interface to the C scanf function
msscanf - interface to the C sscanf function
mget - reads byte or word in a given binary format and convert to double
mgeti - reads byte or word in a given binary format return an int type
mgetl - read lines from an ascii file
mgetstr - read a character string
mopen - open a file
mfprintf - converts, formats, and writes data to a file
mprintf - converts, formats, and writes data to the main scilab window
msprintf - converts, formats, and writes data in a string
mput - writes byte or word in a given binary format
mputl - writes strings in an ascii file
mputstr - write a character string in a file
mseek - set current position in binary file.
mtell - binary file management
newest - returns newest file of a set of files
oldload - load saved variable in 2.4.1 and previous formats
oldsave - saving variables in 2.4.1 and previous format
print - prints variables in a file
printf - Emulator of C language printf function
printf_conversion - printf, sprintf, fprintf conversion specifications
read - matrices read
read4b - fortran file binary read
readb - fortran file binary read
readc_ - read a character string
readmps - reads a file in MPS format
save - saving variables in binary files
scanf - Converts formatted input on standard input
scanf_conversion - scanf, sscanf, fscanf conversion specifications
sprintf - Emulator of C language sprintf function
sscanf - Converts formatted input given by a string
startup - startup file
tk_getdir - dialog to get a directory path
tk_getfile - dialog to get a file path
warning - warning messages
writb - fortran file binary write
write - write in a formatted file
write4b - fortran file binary write
xgetfile - dialog to get a file path