add_edge - adds an edge or an arc between two nodes
add_node - adds a disconnected node to a graph
adj_lists - computes adjacency lists
arc_graph - graph with nodes corresponding to arcs
arc_number - number of arcs of a graph
articul - finds one or more articulation points
bandwr - bandwidth reduction for a sparse matrix
best_match - best matching of a graph
chain_struct - chained structure from adjacency lists of a graph
check_graph - checks a Scilab graph list
circuit - finds a circuit or the rank function in a directed graph
con_nodes - set of nodes of a connected component
connex - connected components
contract_edge - contracts edges between two nodes
convex_hull - convex hull of a set of points in the plane
cycle_basis - basis of cycle of a simple undirected graph
delete_arcs - deletes all the arcs or edges between a set of nodes
delete_nodes - deletes nodes
edge_number - number of edges of a graph
edit_graph - graph and network graphical editor
edit_graph_menus - edit_graph menus description
find_path - finds a path between two nodes
gen_net - interactive or random generation of a network
girth - girth of a directed graph
glist - graph list creation
graph-list - description of graph list
graph_2_mat - node-arc or node-node incidence matrix of a graph
graph_center - center of a graph
graph_complement - complement of a graph
graph_diameter - diameter of a graph
graph_power - kth power of a directed 1-graph
graph_simp - converts a graph to a simple undirected graph
graph_sum - sum of two graphs
graph_union - union of two graphs
hamilton - hamiltonian circuit of a graph
is_connex - connectivity test
knapsack - solves a 0-1 multiple knapsack problem
line_graph - graph with nodes corresponding to edges
load_graph - loads a graph
make_graph - makes a graph list
mat_2_graph - graph from node-arc or node-node incidence matrix
max_cap_path - maximum capacity path
max_clique - maximum clique of a graph
max_flow - maximum flow between two nodes
mesh2d - triangulation of n points in the plane
min_lcost_cflow - minimum linear cost constrained flow
min_lcost_flow1 - minimum linear cost flow
min_lcost_flow2 - minimum linear cost flow
min_qcost_flow - minimum quadratic cost flow
min_weight_tree - minimum weight spanning tree
neighbors - nodes connected to a node
netclose - closes an edit_graph window
netwindow - selects the current edit_graph window
netwindows - gets the numbers of edit_graph windows
node_number - number of nodes of a graph
nodes_2_path - path from a set of nodes
nodes_degrees - degrees of the nodes of a graph
path_2_nodes - set of nodes from a path
perfect_match - min-cost perfect matching
pipe_network - solves the pipe network problem
plot_graph - general plot of a graph
predecessors - tail nodes of incoming arcs of a node
qassign - solves a quadratic assignment problem
salesman - solves the travelling salesman problem
save_graph - saves a graph
shortest_path - shortest path
show_arcs - highlights a set of arcs
show_graph - displays a graph
show_nodes - highlights a set of nodes
split_edge - splits an edge by inserting a node
strong_con_nodes - set of nodes of a strong connected component
strong_connex - strong connected components
subgraph - subgraph of a graph
successors - head nodes of outgoing arcs of a node
supernode - replaces a group of nodes with a single node
trans_closure - transitive closure