abort - interrupt evaluation.
ans - answer
backslash (\) - left matrix division.
bool2s - convert boolean matrix to a zero one matrix.
boolean - Scilab Objects, boolean variables and operators & | ~
brackets ([,]) - left and right brackets
break - keyword to interrupt loops
call - Fortran or C user routines call
case - keyword used in select
clear - kills variables
clearglobal - kills global variables
colon (:) - colon operator
comma (,) - column, instruction, argument separator
comments - comments
date - Current date as date string
debug - debugging level
definedfields - return index of list's defined fields
dot (.) - symbol
else - keyword in if-then-else
elseif - keyword in if-then-else
empty ([]) - empty matrix
end - end keyword
equal (=) - affectation, comparison equal sign
errcatch - error trapping
errclear - error clearing
error - error messages
evstr - evaluation of expressions
exec - script file execution
execstr - execute Scilab code in strings
exists - checks variable existence
exit - Ends the current Scilab session
external - Scilab Object, external function or routine
extraction - matrix and list entry extraction
feval - multiple evaluation
find - find indices of boolean vector or matrix true elements
for - language keyword for loops
format - number printing and display format
fort - Fortran or C user routines call
funptr - coding of primitives ( wizard stuff )
getdate - get date and time information
getenv - get the value of an environment variable
getfield - list field extraction
getpid - get Scilab process identificator
getversion - get Scilab version name
global - Define global variable
gstacksize - set/get scilab global stack size
hat (^) - exponentiation
host - Unix or DOS command execution
hypermat - initialize an N dimensional matrices
hypermatrices - Scilab object, N dimensional matrices in Scilab
iconvert - conversion to 1 or 4 byte integer representation
ieee - set floating point exception mode
if then else - conditional execution
insertion - matrix and list insertion or modification
intppty - set interface argument passing properties
inttype - type integers used in integer data types
inv_coeff - build a polynomial matrix from its coefficients
iserror - error occurence test
isglobal - check if a variable is global
lasterror - get last recorded error message
left ([) - left bracket
less (<) - lower than comparison
list - Scilab object and list function definition
lsslist - Scilab linear state space function definition
lstcat - list concatenation
matrices - Scilab object, matrices in Scilab
matrix - reshape a vector or a matrix to a different size matrix
mlist - Scilab object, matrix oriented typed list definition.
mode - select a mode in exec file
mtlb_mode - switch Matlab like operations
names - scilab names syntax
null - delete an element in a list
overloading - display, functions and operators overloading capabilities
parents ( ) - left and right parenthesis
pause - pause mode, invoke keyboard
percent (%) - special character
plus (+) - addition operator
poly - polynomial definition
power - power operation (^,.^)
predef - variable protection
getcwd - get Scilab current directory
pwd - print Scilab current directory
quit - decrease the pause level or exit
quote (') - transpose operator, string delimiter
rational - Scilab objects, rational in Scilab
resume - return or resume execution and copy some local variables
return - return or resume execution and copy some local variables
rlist - Scilab rational fraction function definition
sciargs - scilab command line arguments
select - select keyword
semi (;) - instruction and row separator
semicolon (;) - ending expression and row separator
setfield - list field insertion
slash (/) - right division and feed back
stacksize - set scilab stack size
star (*) - multiplication operator
symbols - scilab operator names
testmatrix - generate some particular matrices
then - keyword in if-then-else
tilda (~) - logical not
tlist - Scilab object and typed list definition.
type - variable type
typename - associates a name to variable type
user - interfacing a Fortran or C routine
varn - symbolic variable of a polynomial
what - list the Scilab primitives
where - get current instruction calling tree
whereami - display current instruction calling tree
whereis - name of library containing a function
while - while keyword
who - listing of variables
who_user - listing of user's variables
whos - listing of variables in long form