Signal - Signal manual description
analpf - create analog low-pass filter
buttmag - response of Butterworth filter
casc - cascade realization of filter from coefficients
cepstrum - cepstrum calculation
cheb1mag - response of Chebyshev type 1 filter
cheb2mag - response of type 2 Chebyshev filter
chepol - Chebychev polynomial
convol - convolution
corr - correlation, covariance
cspect - spectral estimation (correlation method)
czt - chirp z-transform algorithm
dft - discrete Fourier transform
ell1mag - magnitude of elliptic filter
eqfir - minimax approximation of FIR filter
eqiir - Design of iir filters
faurre - filter computation by simple Faurre algorithm
ffilt - coefficients of FIR low-pass
fft - fast Fourier transform.
fftshift - rearranges the fft output, moving the zero frequency to the center of the spectrum
filter - modelling filter
find_freq - parameter compatibility for elliptic filter design
findm - for elliptic filter design
frfit - frequency response fit
frmag - magnitude of FIR and IIR filters
fsfirlin - design of FIR, linear phase filters, frequency sampling technique
group - group delay for digital filter
hank - covariance to hankel matrix
hilb - Hilbert transform
iir - iir digital filter
iirgroup - group delay Lp IIR filter optimization
iirlp - Lp IIR filter optimization
intdec - Changes sampling rate of a signal
jmat - row or column block permutation
kalm - Kalman update
lattn - recursive solution of normal equations
lattp - lattp
lev - Yule-Walker equations (Levinson's algorithm)
levin - Toeplitz system solver by Levinson algorithm (multidimensional)
lgfft - utility for fft
lindquist - Lindquist's algorithm
mese - maximum entropy spectral estimation
mfft - multi-dimensional fft
mrfit - frequency response fit
%asn - elliptic integral
%k - Jacobi's complete elliptic integral
%sn - Jacobi 's elliptic function
phc - Markovian representation
pspect - cross-spectral estimate between 2 series
remez - Remez's algorithm
remezb - Minimax approximation of magnitude response
rpem - RPEM estimation
sinc - samples of sinc function
sincd - digital sinc function or Direchlet kernel
srfaur - square-root algorithm
srkf - square root Kalman filter
sskf - steady-state Kalman filter
system - observation update
trans - low-pass to other filter transform
wfir - linear-phase FIR filters
wiener - Wiener estimate
wigner - 'time-frequency' wigner spectrum
window - symmetric window
yulewalk - least-square filter design
zpbutt - Butterworth analog filter
zpch1 - Chebyshev analog filter
zpch2 - Chebyshev analog filter
zpell - lowpass elliptic filter