CEEPUS Summer School 2008
June 29th - July 13th 2008

KaMIS - Research Group for Modelling and Intelligent Systems
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, machine Engineering and Naval Architecture


LaIS - Laboratory for  Intelligent Systems
LaMoV - Laboratory for Modelling and Control of Complex Systems
LaMoR - Laboratory for Mobile Robotics
LaPIT - Laboratory for Advanced Internet Technologies
LaRaTiS - Laboratory for Text and Image Understanding
CIPOP - Center for Wildfire Research - Web

main research and teaching task:

Modelling, control, artificial intelligence (AI), computational intelligence (CI), agent technologies

  • modelling and control of complex systems with emphasises on qualitative modelling methods,
  • artificial intelligence and computational intelligence - fuzzy systems, neural networks and genetic algorithmsi,
  • application of digital image processing and analysis,
  • robotics and mobile robotics,
  • advanced Internet technologies (dynamic Web, distant monitoring and control using Internt, embeded network systems),
  • agent and multiagent systems
  • intelligent systems and its application in environment protection
Researches   Projects
  • Distributed Component-based Embedded Software Systems - Unity thrrough Konowledge Fund: DICES - coolaborative project with Mälardalen University, Department of Computer Science and Electronics Västeras, Sweden and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Zagreb details
  • Project MZTŠ 023-0232005-2003: AgISEco - Agent Orjented Intelligent Systems for Environement Monitoring and Control published papers
  • New media art - art application of ICT advanced techologies (future research through interdisciplinary graduate study "New media Design" at Art Academy Split in cooperation with our Department and Science Faculty Split. The first generation will be in autumn 2008).
  • Integral aproach to forest fire protection details (in Croatian)
  • Advanced Web based ultrasound mini meteorological station details on line data from FESB building
  • iForestFire - System for early smoke and fire detection based on standard video cameras details Video about iForestFire (in Croatian)
  • Interactive Web portal for forest fire prevention details (in Croatian)
  • Distant monitoring and control of dislocated systems using Internet details (in Croatian)
  • Agent based fuzzy cognitive maps
  • Application of multi-agent systems in modelling and control tasks
  • 3D visual feedback based robot positioning
  • Movement detection by fuzzy correlators
  • Fuzzy eye - Simple vision sensor inspirated by inesct compound eye
  • Application of operational research algorithms in control
Congresses and Workshops Teaching - virtual classrooms   (in Croatian)

Teaching - final graduate works    list (in Croatian)

Teaching - masters thesis   list (in Croatian)

Teaching - PhD thesis   list (in Croatian)

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