abs - absolute value, magnitude
acos - element wise cosine inverse
acosh - hyperbolic cosine inverse
acoshm - matrix hyperbolic inverse cosine
acosm - matrix wise cosine inverse
addf - symbolic addition
adj2sp - converts adjacency form into sparse matrix.
amell - Jacobi's am function
and (&) - logical and
asin - sine inverse
asinh - hyperbolic sine inverse
asinhm - matrix hyperbolic inverse sine
asinm - matrix wise sine inverse
atan - 2-quadrant and 4-quadrant inverse tangent
atanh - hyperbolic tangent inverse
atanhm - matrix hyperbolic tangent inverse
atanm - square matrix tangent inverse
besseli - Modified I sub ALPHA Bessel functions of the first kind.
besselj - Modified J sub ALPHA Bessel functions of the first kind.
besselk - Modified K sub ALPHA Bessel functions of the second kind.
bessely - Modified Y sub ALPHA Bessel functions of the second kind.
binomial - binomial distribution probabilities
bloc2exp - block-diagram to symbolic expression
bloc2ss - block-diagram to state-space conversion
calerf - computes error functions.
ceil - rounding up
cmb_lin - symbolic linear combination
conj - conjugate
cos - cosine function
cosh - hyperbolic cosine
coshm - matrix hyperbolic cosine
cosm - matrix cosine function
cotg - cotangent
coth - hyperbolic cotangent
cothm - matrix hyperbolic cotangent
cumprod - cumulative product
cumsum - cumulative sum
delip - elliptic integral
diag - diagonal including or extracting
diff - Difference and discrete derivative
dlgamma - derivative of gammaln function, psi function
double - conversion from integer to double precision representation
dsearch - dichotomic (binary) search
erf - The error function.
erfc - The complementary error function.
erfcx - scaled complementary error function.
eval - evaluation of a matrix of strings
eye - identity matrix
fix - rounding towards zero
floor - rounding down
frexp - dissect floating-point numbers into base 2 exponent and mantissa
full - sparse to full matrix conversion
gamma - The gamma function.
gammaln - The logarithm of gamma function.
gsort - decreasing order sorting
imag - imaginary part
imult - multiplication by i the imaginary unitary
int - integer part
int16 - conversion to 2 bytes integer representation
int32 - conversion to 4 bytes integer representation
int8 - conversion to one byte integer representation
uint16 - conversion to 2 bytes unsigned integer representation
uint32 - conversion to 4 bytes unsigned integer representation
uint8 - conversion to one byte unsigned integer representation
integrate - integration by quadrature
interp - interpolation
interpln - linear interpolation
intersect - returns the vector of common values of two vectors
intsplin - integration of experimental data by spline interpolation
inttrap - integration of experimental data by trapezoidal interpolation
isdef - check variable existence
isequal - objects comparison
isinf - check for infinite entries
isnan - check for "Not a Number" entries
isreal - check if a variable as real or complex entries
kron - Kronecker product (.*.)
ldivf - left symbolic division
lex_sort - lexicographic matrix rows sorting
linspace - linearly spaced vector
log - natural logarithm
log10 - logarithm
log1p - computes with accuracy the natural logarithm of its argument added by one
log2 - base 2 logarithm
logm - square matrix logarithm
logspace - logarithmically spaced vector
lstsize - list, tlist, mlist numbers of entries
max - maximum
maxi - maximum
min - minimum
mini - minimum
minus (-) - substraction operator, sign changes
modulo - symetric arithmetic remainder modulo m
pmodulo - positive arithmetic remainder modulo m
mps2linpro - convert lp problem given in MPS format to linpro format
mtlb_sparse - convert sparse matrix
mulf - symbolic multiplication
ndims - number of dimensions of an array
nearfloat - get previous or next floating-point number
nextpow2 - next higher power of 2.
nnz - number of non zero entries in a matrix
norm - matrix norms
not (~) - logical not
number_properties - determine floating-point parameters
ones - matrix made of ones
or | - logical or
pen2ea - pencil to E,A conversion
pertrans - pertranspose
prod - product
rand - random number generator
rat - Floating point rational approximation
rdivf - right symbolic division
real - real part
round - rounding
sign - sign function
signm - matrix sign function
sin - sine function
sinc - sinc function
sinh - hyperbolic sine
sinhm - matrix hyperbolic sine
sinm - matrix sine function
size - size of objects
smooth - smoothing by spline functions
solve - symbolic linear system solver
sort - decreasing order sorting
sp2adj - converts sparse matrix into adjacency form
sparse - sparse matrix definition
spcompack - converts a compressed adjacency representation
speye - sparse identity matrix
spget - retrieves entries of sparse matrix
splin - spline function
spones - sparse matrix
sprand - sparse random matrix
spzeros - sparse zero matrix
sqrt - square root
sqrtm - matrix square root
squarewave - generates a square wave with period 2*%pi
ssprint - pretty print for linear system
ssrand - random system generator
subf - symbolic subtraction
sum - sum (row sum, column sum) of vector/matrix entries
sysconv - system conversion
sysdiag - block diagonal system connection
syslin - linear system definition
tan - tangent
tanh - hyperbolic tangent
tanhm - matrix hyperbolic tangent
tanm - matrix tangent
toeplitz - toeplitz matrix
trfmod - poles and zeros display
trianfml - symbolic triangularization
tril - lower triangular part of matrix
trisolve - symbolic linear system solver
triu - upper triangle
typeof - object type
union - extract union components of a vector
unique - extract unique components of a vector
zeros - matrix made of zeros