abcd - state-space matrices
abinv - AB invariant subspace
arhnk - Hankel norm approximant
arl2 - SISO model realization by L2 transfer approximation
balreal - balanced realization
bilin - general bilinear transform
cainv - Dual of abinv
calfrq - frequency response discretization
canon - canonical controllable form
cls2dls - bilinear transform
colregul - removing poles and zeros at infinity
cont_frm - transfer to controllable state-space
cont_mat - controllability matrix
contr - controllability, controllable subspace, staircase
contrss - controllable part
csim - simulation (time response) of linear system
ctr_gram - controllability gramian
dbphi - frequency response to phase and magnitude representation
ddp - disturbance decoupling
des2tf - descriptor to transfer function conversion
dscr - discretization of linear system
dsimul - state space discrete time simulation
dt_ility - detectability test
equil - balancing of pair of symmetric matrices
equil1 - balancing (nonnegative) pair of matrices
feedback - feedback operation
flts - time response (discrete time, sampled system)
frep2tf - transfer function realization from frequency response
freq - frequency response
freson - peak frequencies
g_margin - gain margin
gfrancis - Francis equations for tracking
imrep2ss - state-space realization of an impulse response
invsyslin - system inversion
kpure - continuous SISO system limit feedback gain
krac2 - continuous SISO system limit feedback gain
lin - linearization
linmeq - Sylvester and Lyapunov equations solver
lqe - linear quadratic estimator (Kalman Filter)
lqg - LQG compensator
lqg2stan - LQG to standard problem
lqr - LQ compensator (full state)
ltitr - discrete time response (state space)
markp2ss - Markov parameters to state-space
minreal - minimal balanced realization
minss - minimal realization
obs_gram - observability gramian
obscont - observer based controller
observer - observer design
obsv_mat - observability matrix
obsvss - observable part
p_margin - phase margin
pfss - partial fraction decomposition
phasemag - phase and magnitude computation
ppol - pole placement
projsl - linear system projection
repfreq - frequency response
ricc - Riccati equation
riccsl - Riccati equation solver
rowregul - removing poles and zeros at infinity
rtitr - discrete time response (transfer matrix)
sm2des - system matrix to descriptor
sm2ss - system matrix to state-space
specfact - spectral factor
ss2des - (polynomial) state-space to descriptor form
ss2ss - state-space to state-space conversion, feedback, injection
ss2tf - conversion from state-space to transfer function
st_ility - stabilizability test
stabil - stabilization
svplot - singular-value sigma-plot
sysfact - system factorization
syssize - size of state-space system
tf2ss - transfer to state-space
time_id - SISO least square identification
trzeros - transmission zeros and normal rank
ui_observer - unknown input observer
unobs - unobservable subspace
zeropen - zero pencil