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Scientific Book Chapter

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Journal Papers

A.1.4.4.  D.Stipaničev, J.Božičević,  Fuzzy  Feedforward  and  Composite  Control, Transaction Inst. Measurement and Control(
UK), 8(2), 1986, pp. 67-75

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A.14.13. Lj.Bodrožić, D.Stipaničev, M.Štula, Observer Network and Forest Fire Detection, accepted in journal Information Fusion – special issue – Information Fusion in Future Generation Communication Environment, submited March 2008. to be published 2010. - zastupljeno u CC i SCI-EXPANDED, Impact Factor 2.057

A.14.14. M.Štula, D.Stipaničev, Lj.Šerić, Agent Based Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, accepted for publication May, 14. 2010. in  International journal of Intelligent Systems – zaustupljeno u CC i SCI-EXPANDED Impact Factor: 0.86, 5-Years Impact factor: 1.217

Papers in International Conference Proceedings

 A.1.6.1.     D.Stipaničev, Damping of resonances in RFT filters with RC members, Proc.of. the 3rd. Symp. on EMC, Rotherdam, May 1979, pp.               547-552

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A.1.6.5.     D.Stipaničev,  J.Božičević,  Models  of  nondeterministic  systems   for application in feeforward control, Proc. of the 2nd European  Simulation Congres, ECS 86, Antwerpen, Sept. 1986, pp. 240-246

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Additionally more than 50 papers written in Croatian and published in refereed Croatian scientific journals (J. of Automatic Control, J. of Electrical Engineering, J. of Machine Engineering, J. of Naval Architecture, J. of Solar Energy Applications and EGE) and Croatian conference proceedings and 17 scientific reports written in Croatian for various grants in fields of Electromagnetic Compatibility (1977-1980), Robotisation (1980-83), Complex System Control (1980-today), Control of Wind Energy Plants (1985-88) ,Digital Image Processing and Analysis (1992-today) and Advanced Internet Technologies (1996-today).

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